A New found Freedom from debt.

Personal Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a great debt solution for those with serious debt problems with little or no realistic opportunity to repay those debts. Bankruptcy can help clear your debts, stop creditor harassment and give you a fresh start.
 Our Service

We will assess your current financial circumstances and help you decide if bankruptcy is the best solution for you. If it is decided that bankruptcy is the right solution, you will be given help and assistance in declaring bankruptcy.


 Professional Advice

Bankruptcy is a serious debt solution that has important conditions attached. We will help you understand these.


 Avoid the pitfalls

Our service will check you are eligible for bankruptcy based on your financial circumstances and ensure it is the best solution for you.

We will walk you through the bankruptcy process to help you avoid any potential bankruptcy pitfalls.

Use our Bankruptcy Means Test below to see if you qualify for Bankruptcy
What is the nature of your debt?
Where are you with your debts?
Do you have assets you wish to protect?
Do you have a regular income?
What is the total of your debts?